Brand story

                                                                                                                  TENON was founded in March 2011

TENON has been recognized as high-tech enterprises in October 2013

TENON was successfully listed in China and won the title of “The Most Preferred Brand in Top 10 smart lock brands in China” in 2015 

TENON won the title of “The Most Potential Enterprise ” and Deloitte-Guangzhou Technology Fast Top 20” in 2016

TENON successfully signed film star Zhang Fengyi as the brand ambassador in 2017


TENON has become the national smart lock standards drafting unit in 2018.
TENON takes the lead in developing retail strategy in the smart lock industry.

TENON won one of “The Top 10 Influential Brands of China smart lock” in China building materials network. TENON set a record for sales in the new retail industry for six successive months in 2019. In addition, it has been listed as the No.1 seller of innovation-oriented enterprises for four consecutive years.