Tenon attended the 12th China International Building & Decoration Fair

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     On July 8, the 20th China international architectural decoration expo was held in Guangzhou Canton fair pavilion and poly world trade fair. Guangzhou construction fair has "the first exhibition of Asian building materials" said, has always been a great event in the industry.As a leading brand of China's smart lock, Tenon can bring a full range of products to "dress up"!

    At the past China construction expo, the Tenon has attracted many audiences with its atmospheric design and unique products.This year, the Tenon brand pavilion is located in zone 2.1-20, zone A of the Canton fair exhibition hall. In the future, the design and innovative products with A strong sense of design and subversion are particularly eye-catching.The crowd in the pavilion is surging , the grand situation is unprecedented, the exhibition audience stopped to try and ask!

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